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Nov 5, 2012 7:00am PST
, cuyahoga. more than 11% of the state's population lived in this cleveland area county. 30% of the residents are african-american. now, in 2008, president obama won the entire state by a smaller number of votes than he won the county by. a point not lost on the candidates. >> we're going to win cuyahoga county! we're going to win ohio! >> boy, i tell you, cleveland really does rock, you know that? >> i'm joined now by stewart garcia, democratic party chairman and bob frost, republican party chairman. stewart, what's the state of the race here in cuyahoga county? >> we're doing great in cuyahoga county. our numbers are exceeding 2008 numbers in terms of absentee ballot returns. early voting's holding up notwithstanding that we've had seven days of early voting taken away, but we're real pleased where we are. >> i have so say, i was at the romney event yesterday in cleveland, rob, and there was a lot of enthusiasm there. having said that, this is about the margins. you're not going to win cuyahoga county. the point is, to keep the margin a victory by barack obama low enough that there's a chan
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Nov 5, 2012 12:00pm PST
look what we have: cuyahoga county, you heard the word, it is cleveland and surrounding, and it is is important that everyone knows there are keys to winning for the republican and the democrats there. joining us is the republican committee chair, problem, and the democratic counterpart, stewart, on the right. good morning, gentleman. rob, what is the key in cuyahoga county? >> our key here is turning out our vote in cuyahoga county. i want to make sure your viewers know that cuyahoga county can deliver the highest vote total of any county in ohio for governor romney tomorrow. we intend to do that and we intend to deliver the 18 electoral votes for governor romney and winning ohio and the presidency. >>shepard: what do you need for numbers for the president to go, okay, ohio is all right. >>guest: we are looking for 2008 numbers, perhaps better, but 2008 we came in at 258,000 plurality and that was sufficient to carry president obama through to victory state-wide so we fully picket to garner those numbers again. >>shepard: the analysts say 250,000 in cuyahoga county whic
Nov 3, 2012 12:00am PDT
sandy flooded parts of cuyahoga county. at least 50,000 people still do not have power this day. and if the storm damage doesn't stop voters, the long lines that are developing just might keep them away. it doesn't sound good, does it? senator rob portman had to wait in line today. some waited longer than an hour to vote. one called and said that the line was so long, she just walked away. the lines are long in florida as well. more than 2,000 people cast ballots at this nearby lab near daytona beach on the first day of early voting on wednesday. polls in south florida are reporting a, what, four-hour wait? the ballot in florida is a monster. it is about 12 pages long. the league of women voters asks the governor of the state, rick scott, to extend early voting hours. and what do you think he said? well, the republican said no. rick scott told reporters, i want everybody to get out and vote, but early voting ends saturday night. make no mistake, democrats have been fighting successfully against unfair voter i.d. laws and purged lists. but the threat remains, some voting advocate
Nov 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
in cuyahoga county are currently without power as the cleveland "plain dealer" reports locations for more than a dozen others can't be reached by telephone. local officials are confident voting on election day will go as planned. >> we are working diligently to make sure those are up and running. the utility companies had made a priority for those locations and we've been assured by monday night we should have power in all locations. >> so the big question is what happens if the power is not restored? >> people can still vote even if is by a flashlight and chilly in those locations. >> i'm joined bio yoe state senator nina turner. great to have you with us tonight. there's a few hurdles here that have to be done for president obama to take this state. but i want to go to this. earlier today ohio secretary of state was asked about the controversial new voting software installed in some counties, here's what he said. >> the reporting system and the actual counting system are not connected in any way and the results that anybody can get at home they're going to get them the same time i do on elec
Nov 2, 2012 7:00am PDT
to be watching not suburban columbus, but cuyahoga county and a lot of those working class voters, of course, also african-american voters, but they're looking at the margins in some of those places like barack obama talk about the importance of those votes. >> let me point out about cuyahoga county. president obama beat john mccain in 2008 in cuyahoga county by a larger number of votes and he won the entire state. so it's really important for cuyahoga county. but a very important place for him to run up those margins. we will see bill clinton campaign up in akron, ohio, even further north and east of cleveland. a high point in this state. >> what we talk a lot about is what we add journalists and the talking class talk about what regular americans, ohio and they're talking about. of all the people i spoke with yesterday, only one person brought up hurricane sandy. a lot of attention was paid to michael bloomberg's endorsement. the big picture, do those kinds of things resinate? do they matter, do you think? >> i think on a text tual level, the message coming out of hurricane sandy was bipar
Nov 4, 2012 1:00am PDT
on the ground in the state of ohio. 600 just in cuyahoga county, that is where cleveland is where they have concerns about voter suppression. they have done an negligence about new software that has been installed in some of those electronic voting minutes and they're raising questions about whether those results can be trusted. now, the secretary of state who you know has been involved in a number of controversies says it's in a limited number of counties, 44, which would be half. and he said that he believes that it's not going to be a concern. but i can tell you that come election day, if problems do occur, and if this race is closer than that most recent 6% poll would indicate, there are going to be lots of lawyers, and not just those lawyers, they've been holding training sessions for poll workers and other people to get involved to make sure that this integrity of this election is upheld. >> all right. chris jansing reporting from the great state of ohio tonight. great to have you on "the ed show." and let's turn to alex wagner and michael steele, former chairman of the republican nat
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Nov 13, 2012 11:30pm PST
swiping, undecided voter dial testing and being forced to use the word "cuyahoga" in a sentence -- (laughter) -- we can finally take a breather. just relax with a nice soothing cup of camomile breeze and just let it all -- >> do you think it's too early to talk about 2016? we don't think so. (gunshot) (cheers and applause) >> stephen: (bleep) you! i've had it! i'm a human being goddamnit! i have rights! can't we just move on to some other aspect of our lives? not everything is a constant contest for political advantage! america's facing some serious problems! there are times to run and then there are times to govern! we need to come together, let it go, move on, god! (applause) (laughter) so what are the numbers? >> the public policy polling survey asked iowa democrats and republicans last week whond they would like to see as their nominee. for the democrat, hillary clinton the overwhelmingly top pick. 58%. followed by joe biden. for the republicans, their top favorites mike huckabee, chris christie, marco rubio, paul ryan. >> stephen: yes, 2016 is on! (laughter) which means any
FOX News
Nov 6, 2012 6:00am PST
the decisions that go to cuyahoga county in cleveland, to go to allegheny county in pittsburgh. is that desperation or is that a man who doesn't want to stop working? >> he's a type a personality. he's a workaholic. if he applied his work ethic -- pennsylvania, my home state i believe is in play. anecdotally, just yard signs. there are no yard signs up for president obama in the 15th district. it's a swing district. it has an aging population that's unhappy with obama-care. it's pro coal. they didn't have early voting. they weren't saturated with negative ads because they didn't think it would be this close. bill: bob, courage or desperation. >> i love to see scene trea's dreams. nobody who is ahead in this race is going to go campaigning on election day, particularly in two democratic counties. but nonetheless i would say sit' not a bad ployth on romney's part. i suppose ... bill: here is the number i picked up i want both of you to react to. exit polling. independent voters. president obama did well. 52-44 snore john mccain. that's an 8-point advantage. there was a poll that
Nov 1, 2012 4:00am PDT
. these are pictures from cleveland, ohio, as the cuyahoga river deals with too much rain. >>> well, back to new jersey. many residents there and there on the jersey shore say they plan to repair and rebuild after the devastation from sandy, as help slowly begins to arrive. nbc's danielle leigh is there for us in toms river, new jersey, where folks are trying to do just that. good morning to you, danielle. >> reporter: good morning, lynn. today, many of the popular sea side communities, places like seaside heights, where people love to go and vacation in the summer, still completely cut off from most of society. officials say it is just not safe to go over there. along toms river, evidence of the devastation. you can just walk down the road and walk along bits and pieces of people's homes, even furniture that has been washed to the side of the road because of sandy. the devastation is severe. streets are unpassable, homes are just leveled, and people are hanging on to the president's promises that the recovery will be escalated, that they will help restore this community. many people on toms riverside
Nov 14, 2012 4:00am PST
the word cuyahoga in a sentence, we can finally take a breather. just relax with a nice soothing cup of chammomile breeze and just let it all -- >> do you think it's too early to talk about 2016? we don't think so. >> we can all relate to that. >> and listen to this bizarre story. actress janeane garofalo figures she's been married for 20 years. she and rob cohn got married at a drive through chapel. they thought papers had to be signed at a courthouse but apparently not in sin city. >> that's the best marriage, not knowing you're married. >>> this comes to us from wnbc 4 in new york city. organizers of the macy's thanksgiving day parade gave kids affected by hurricane sandy a reason to smile. lots of them needed this. about 500 of them received the inside scoop on six new floats hitting the parade route for the very first time. the group toured each new edition and received a crash course on how the designers developed their ideas from sketches to the gigantic floats. do you have a favorite every year? >> snoopy. easy. >> way to go. >> then of course santa at the very end. >> you an
Nov 1, 2012 4:30am EDT
beyond the east coast. these are pictures from cleveland, ohio, as the cuyahoga river deals with too much rain. and many residents on the new jersey shore say they plan to prepare and rebuild after the devastation from sandy as help slowly begins to arrive. nbc's danielle leigh is in toms river, new jersey, just one of the many places where people are waiting eagerly. good morning to you, danielle. >> reporter: good morning, lynn. and the society is still cut off from those popular summertime vacation spots along the jersey shore. they sit there in utter devastation. all along the mainland, you can see constant reminders of the did he have va stigs, debris, people's homes sit littering the streets. yesterday in places like seaside heights, atlantic city, there were massive rescue efforts. in seaside heights, a door-to-door effort. lots of people have been brought to safety. we did get a chance to talk to some of those people yesterday and they described terrible scenes of sadness, streets filled with sand, homes ripped from their foundation. today many of the rescue efforts return towards
Nov 14, 2012 4:30am EST
, electoral map swiping, undecideds voter dial testing and being forced to use the word cuyahoga in a sentence, we can finally take a breather. just relax with a nice soothing cup of chammomile breeze and just let it all -- >> do you think it's too early to talk about 2016? we don't think so. >> we don't think so. >> yeah. >> and listen to this bizarre story. actress jan accusation e ger ras is a low figures out she didn't know she was married for 20 years. >> those vegas trips. >> she says she and big bang theory producer rob cohn drunk kenly got married at a drive through chapel. they thought papers had to be signed at a courthouse but apparently not in sin city. anything goes there. he's apparently now getting married. his lawyer digs up, oh, by the way, you're still married. >> wow. >> i know. >> alimony. >> are you just throwing that out there? >> throwing that out there. >> have you tweeted her saying have you thought about this? >> depends on who's doing better. >> good point. >>> this comes to us from wnbc 4 in new york city. organizers of the macy's thanksgiving day parade gave kids a
Nov 6, 2012 6:30pm EST
in rural counties but he cut into some of those margins. the key for him is cuyahoga, which is cleveland. he has to come out of there about 300,000 votes to make up for the rest of the state. >> fox 5 political analyst, mark, we thank you for your time tonight. >>> coming up on the 20-minute mark, brian, the polls will close in the commonwealth of virginia . >>> there are several big issues on the ballot in maryland. question four, maryland's version of the dream act. question six, the civil marriage action and the gambling expansion referendum. lauren demarco is live at a polling station. they close at 8:00 there. how's the last-minute turnout? >> reporter: it was busy. folks got off of work and in is looks like the line is moving inside in laurel here, they have 2800 eligible voters and more than 1900 have voted. seeing some nice turnout here in laurel, maryland. there are three major ballot questions that you mention, big issues also. the presidential election and, of course, the senate race. democratic incumbent senator ben cardin up against republican dan bongino and independent rob
FOX News
Nov 6, 2012 2:00pm PST
not to -- >> dana: biden went last minute today. >> bob: i don't know why he chose cuyahoga county. i think what they're probably trying to do is minimize votes in cuyahoga county. as andrea pointed out to me, suburban counties around it, have been republican, and obama did very well there. again, question what happened last time around. i think obama will hold off enough but not -- i mean he will be there, but it will be within a point. >> andrea: people are asking is pennsylvania the new ohio? >> eric: we'll get there in a second. hang on to that thought. greg, you and i take care of florida. want to go first? >> greg: i want to talk about pennsylvania. >> eric: hold the thought. >> greg: bill clinton is in philly. did you hear what he said to the crowd there? he said who wants a president who will knowingly and repeatedly tell you something that isn't true? apparently he is running again. who knew it? he's testing the waters. did he do it third term? are we talking about florida? florida is tight. you know what it is? it's getting your blood test results. the action is quick, takes a week to
Nov 6, 2012 8:00pm PST
were two counties, cuyahoga which includes cleveland and also franklin county which includes columbus, ohio, where i am where he racked up large margins and also racking up large margins but thele vote count was down by a total of 50,000 or more. if you figure that the president would get about 60% of those votes, that say lot of votes he is not getting that he otherwise had gotten four years ago, so right now we're looking at a very tight race basically tied with about 30% of the vote still to go. i should note that hamilton county, that key county in the southwestern part of the state, right now the president is doing very well there with early results in, but there's still a lot more votes to be counted down there in hamilton county, george. >> so bring us up to date now, george, on the electoral votes then take us to florida. let's keep -- >> we see the electoral votes in so far, 244 for president obama, 203 for governor romney. that means that president obama needs 26 more electoral votes to get to 270. obviously 67 for governor romney. florida key to all that, that's got 29 elec
Nov 3, 2012 8:00pm PDT
. they were excited. it was electric. and then to have stevie wonder come by. we are ready in cuyahoga county. he is the secretary of suppression, make no mistake about it. >> senator, what about flashlights and paper ballots? does that kind of contingency plan inspire confidence? these are somewhat a primitive back-up system. are they in place and do you believe they can be affordable? >> i'm happy to report there are only three polling places without electricity. i am confident because she is confident that they will be restored. here in cuyahoga county, we already use paper ballots. so whether or not the electricity is there or not, jane platen is the confident professional and i trust her judgment. >> senator, you're giving us some new information here tonight. there are 17 locations the board has been unable to reach by telephone with 14 of those in cleveland. you're saying that is a remedy? >> i talked to director james platen tonight. but she says all but three in greater cleveland. in cleveland proper itself, every single polling location has its electricity restored. we will be ready
Nov 5, 2012 12:00am PST
for obama. and i think this one is really genuinely going down to the wire. >> well, cuyahoga county. there are 12,000 votes off of early voting from where they were in 2008. now if that's a micro kochl for the state, what does it mean? >> well, early voting favored obama and ohio in 2008. mccain won the state on election day. obama carried the state comfortable bli, but not on election someday. >> here is romney today in iowa talking about people getting handouts. >> paul and i have not promised you a bigger check from the government. and we haven't promised to take from some people to redistribute to you. >> your response. is this another last ditch effort to appeal to sentiment? >> at this point even a dog whistle doesn't breakthrough. there's too much white noise out there. what matters at this point is the ground game. it's can you find the right people? the republican playbook is they have the intensity. there are enough people who hate the president that they will show up anyway. you're seeing two very different philosophies of how you get people to go out and vote. the obama
Nov 5, 2012 8:00am PST
to go back to ohio for one thing quickly. in cuyahoga county, they are 12,000 votes short of this mark in 2008. the get out to vote effort has got to be overwhelming today. overwhelming tomorrow for the democrats to win in ohio because the early voting is not what it was in 2008. and they missed four weekends. this voter suppression thing is a real deal. that's only one county. it's also going to be interesting to watch if there's any votering problems in hamilton county versus cuyahoga. >> great to have you. and you can catch ed weeknights on his show, 8:00. we're rounding third. heading into home. bases are loaded. ed's going to be part of our election night lineup r tomorrow with coverage beginning at 6:00 p.m. keystone state is also key to the president's re-election, but mitt romney is not giving up on pennsylvania just yet. the power panel joins me to weigh in on his 11th hour pitch. plus, turnout is the big word for this election, but what we're learning based on early voting out there, that it's happening, but do you think the polls are really this tight or could one of these c
Nov 5, 2012 3:00pm PST
ballots don't have to wait in a long line. >> this is the line outside of the cuyahoga county board of elections. we're told that some people waited as much as two hours to cast their votes. >> how long have you been waiting in line? >> it seems like forever. >> two hours, two 1/2 2 1/2 hours. >> voting is a fundamental right. it shouldn't change based on which party is in power. joining me now are two lawmakers who have been standing up for voting rights, marcia fudge and fredricka wilson. >> thank you, reverend al. >> congresswoman fudge, let me start with you. are these long lines another form of voter suppression, in your opinion? >> oh, i certainly think that they are. let me say this, reverend al. i'm happy to see the long lines because that says to me all of the dirty tricks that have been pulled by our secretary of state are not working and our people are determined to vote no matter what it takes. >> you know, congresswoman fredricka wilson, down in your district i was there for operation eliminate with curry and other networks. long lineses from the first day of early voti
FOX News
Nov 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
,000 cause of complaints nationwide. in ohio, these lawyers were handling frauds in the cuyahoga county board of elections where the officials vowed to watch for fraud. >> we ensure that all of our focus son all the details -- focus is on all the details. all the "i"s dotted and "t"s crossed. >> that is eric shawn in cleveland. >> megyn: as we wait for the first results to roll in, including from the battleground state of virginia, both sides claiming the edge. >> we feel confident, we have the votes to win. it will depend whether the voters turn-out. i encourage everybody. on all sides. just to make sure that you exercise this precious right we have. that people fought so hard for us to have. i'm looking forward to the results. i expect that we will have a good night. >> tomorrow we begin the work. >> people are hoping that we see this from the nation's leaders and paul ryan andly do that, we'll get america back on track. i'm so optimistic. not just about the result of the election, but optimistic about what is ahead for america. >> megyn: bring in the panel. brit hume, the senior political
Oct 31, 2012 8:00pm PDT
, cuyahoga county here. i'll draw a big line, cleveland, the cleveland suburbs and to a lesser degree down here to the south in the akron area people without power, put it to the same test, how did they vote in 2008, you see some republicans in the more rural counties but across the top of the state the northern part of the state heavy democratic areas, our producer called out too cuyahoga today early voting down a bit today than it was four years ago so you see some obvious immediate impact. the question is again, with the few more days to go, five more days can they get this fixed come election day. one more quick example in the northern virginia suburbs and again to the naked eye it tells the story. still a lot of people out right on the northern washington d.c. area, right there, fairfax county, arlington, go back four years, you see all that blue, this is the area most critical to president obama. he has to win the state of virginia, has to be a high turnout. when you call into the communities they think they'll get it fixed in time for tuesday but something to keep an eye on. >> john
Nov 4, 2012 8:00pm PST
for obama and would be cautious about being too optimistic about ohio at this point. >> cuyahoga county, i was talking to state senator nina turner. they are 12,000 votes off of where they were for 2008. that's a microcause sem for the state. what does it mean? >> early voting has favored obama. in ohio in 2008, mccain actually won on election day. >> yeah. >> obama carried the state comfortably but not on election day. so they have to go into election day with a good lead in the early voting or they won't make it. >> here's romney today in iowa talking about people getting handouts. >> paul and i have not promised you bigger check from the govern in the and we haven't promised to take some people to redistribute to you. >> richard, is this another last ditch effort to appeal to white resentment? >> honestly, at this point, even a dog whistle doesn't break through. what matters is the ground came. the republican playbook is, they have the intensity. there are enough people who hate the president that they will show up anyway. you are seeing two different philosophies of how you get people
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 160 (some duplicates have been removed)